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list of filipino names for some common vegetables and fruits

ptiza_schastya asked for some Filipino terms for food in an earlier post. I thought it would be fun to start compiling a list of these things, but there are just so many... so I decided to at least make a list of Tagalog name translations for common vegetables and fruits.

Most of these were from memory, though I did do some research (including getting the translation for bahay kubo because i didn't know how to translate bataw and patani XD;). I've tried to include spelling variations as well.

This list is far from complete, so additions are very welcome. I sort of concentrated on the vegetables, but it would be great if we could build this up into a comprehensive list. Would also love corrections!

Hoping someone can help with applying the proper pronunciation & conjunction... I'm not quite sure how to use accents yet. I'll give it a go later, and as before, will appreciate corrections.

vegetables = mga gulay

bell pepper = siling pari
bitter gourd = ampalaya
bottle gourd = upo
cabbage = repolyo
cashew = kasoy
celery / chinese leek = kintsay / kinchay
chayote = sayote
chili pepper = siling labuyo
chinese cabbage (bok choi) = petsay / pechay
cilantro leaves = wansuy
corn = mais
cucumber = pipino
edible pot = bataw (not sure about the english translation...)
eggplant = talong
garlic = bawang
ginger = luya
jicama / turnip = singkamas
jute = saluyot
lima beans = patani
mung bean sprouts = toge / togue / togi
mustard = mustasa
native horseradish leaves = malunggay
onion = sibuyas
peanut = mani / mane
potato = patatas
pumpkin = kalabasa
radish = labanos
spinach = alugbati(?)
sponge gourd / luffa(?) = patola
string beans = sitaw / sitao
sugarcane = tubo
unhusked rice = palay (husked rice is bigas; cooked rice is kanin)
watercress = kangkong
wax gourd = kundol
winged bean = sigarilyas
sweet potato = kamote

fruits = mga prutas

apple = mansanas
avocado = abukado
bananas = saging
bilimbi = kamias
coconuts = buko
pomelo = suha
grapes = ubas
guava = bayabas
jackfruit = langka
jamaica cherry = aratiles
lime = dayap
mandarin orange = dalanghita
mango = mangga
native blackberry = duhat
native lemon = dalandan / lemonsito
orange = kahel (rare; just "orange" is more popular)
pineapple = pinya
starapple = kaimito / caimito
starfruit / carambola = balimbing
sugar apple = atis
tamarind = sampalok
tomato = kamatis
watermelon = pakwan

unchanged names = mga di-binagong pangalan


edit: will edit this post with the proper pronunciations very soon. in the meantime, if you'd like to know about filipino cooking terms, this page is a good reference.
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